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A Homage to Rosalina (Melaleuca ericifolia)

Our summer issue is well underway as in eagerly preparing a wealth of fragrant wisdom for you. It’s a quick sneak peek to say to you that we are going to feature some newcomer essential oils recently distilled for the first time ever in aromatic Australia! Meanwhile, we would like to give you a highlight on a throwback article to celebrate the aromatic richness of Aussieland.

In our 2021 Summer edition of Aromatika (8.2.1), we had a wonderfully presented writing from Helen Nagle-Smith, a clinical aromatherapist who runs an aromatherapy massage practice, and teaches and writes aromatherapy CPD courses in the UK. Helen authored her first book ‘Working with unusual oils – an aromatic journey with lesser known essential oils, Volume 1 in 2020, where she also included her very practical explorations working with Rosalina.

“Rosalina is a beautiful essential oil from Australia or Tasmania. It was not identified until the 1950s, when it became more popular through the work of the French aromatic doctor, Daniel Dr Pénoël. However, it still feels relatively new to aromatherapy.”

On another note, we also have a fresh new and very special article from Dr Pénoël in our current 2022 Spring edition (9.2.). So if you want to dive in to the incredible life work and philosophy of one of the fathers of modern aromatherapy, we encourage you to check out both our current issue, as well as today's throwback article from Aromatika 2021 Summer e-journal. Get the downloads of your choice from our shop, or subscribe to our yearly plan to start receiving our future issues:

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