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An annual weed plant with great therapeutical potentials

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We have so much to share! Every precious herb featured in AROMATIKA needs to get their voice heard, so we will have three individual posts dedicated to the wonderful 3in1 article from our Phyto-Aroma news section. In his research review column, our editorial team member dr. Péter Babulka gives us a summary of three articles from scientific journals about plants, essential oils, aromatics and nutrition.

So hands up please! Who admires this tiny gorgeous plant named Stellaria media? Chickweed is an annual weed plant with great therapeutical potentials. And again, hands up! Do we love hearing conclusions like that? “Based upon the intensive literature survey, the researchers' conclusions were as follows: 1) the in vitro and in vivo pharmacological experiments justified the different ethnobotanical and ethno-pharmacological application of chickweed…”

More research conclusions are in our column ‘What research says about Herbs and essential oils…’ and you will find that in each and every issue of Aromatika Magazine. Follow the link to the shop and get your selection of downloads, or go for our yearly subscription plan.

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