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Anxiety - A Case Study from Deby Atterby

Updated: May 15, 2022

Over the years, Deby Atterby wrote several articles to Aromatika to share valuable snippets from her long years of aromatherapy practice both clinical and educational. Deby’s fantastic article on Anxiety might be helpful to too many these days.

“Among the many clients I care for in my clinic, I often come across someone that may be dealing with excess anxiety conditions, which appears to be happening on a greater scale and becoming more common today than I remember ever having experienced in the past years running a practice. I would like to share with you one particular experience that touched my heart deeply, it was one of my younger clients that I assisted in helping her with her suffering of extreme anxiety and I would like to share with you an insight into my different methods that I adopted to care for her.“

The case study our dear friend Deby had chosen for publication takes us into her clinic room in Australia, and offers truly valuable insights through the process and various methods to help a young client and aromatherapy student through difficult times.

Deby Atterby is an aromatherapy educator and clinical practitioner, author, and publisher of Aromatherapy Today International Journal. You may listen to Deby lecturing at botanica2022 next week, and her article on Anxiety is available in the 2020 Summer edition of Aromatika (7.2.1. ). Check out our online shop for back issues and download options.

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