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Aromatika 2022 Autumn edition 9.3

Our most unique e-journal on 124 pages dedicated to sharing the colourful aspects of aromatherapy and herbal medicine worldwide is now available in the shop. With the seasons we change, we see changes in the world. If you wonder what challenges we face in the upcoming seasons, this edition may support your emotional journey just as the articles inside also affected our feelings in the positive.

To start with, we are thrilled to perhaps set a record in the history of aromatherapy by featuring our youngest author in Aromatika. Balázs Surányi is an 8th grader of a Waldorf school in Hungary who engaged himself in research of plants, distillations and aromatherapy, hand-made an ancient-style clay distiller, and prepared a lovely lavender hydrosol for his school project.

Furthermore, we have a fantastic spice blend in this issue with Debby Atterby in Australia playfully working in-depth around ginger, a cinnamon voyage by Sonnika Coetzee from South Africa, and the gift of caraway interpreted by our Food Alchemist Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens. Madeleine Kerkhof describes spicy CO2 extracts such as clove, cinnamon and coriander for clinical applications, while our editor Ildiko Berecz offers a bay of inspiration through the guidance of all senses.

Dr Daniel Pénoël continues to unfold his exciting aromatic journey with Fragonia and Kunzea (TM) that has led him to the foundation of the new paradigm of Quantum Aromatherapy, while Felicity Warner takes us into the garden to help make sacred oils. Hidden gems of exquisite botanicals with absolutes of Violet leaf presented by Helen Nagle-Smith, and Coffee flower in a moving personal memoir written by Doreen DeSerres DuJardin. We have three exciting new book reviews including 'The Carrier Oil Palette' - fixed oils, butters, herbal oils, and CO2 extracts by Jade Shutes and Sherilyn Roach, the rest will be revealed soon. Get your copy of Aromatika Magazine! To have your copy of our beautiful and highly informative magazine, follow the link to the shop and get your download, or subscribe to become a four-seasons reader of our quarterly e-journal.

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