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Aromatika 2022 Spring Edition 9.1

We are so excited to announce that the Aromatika 2022 Spring edition (9.1) is available in the shop. Wholeheartedly dedicated to our motivation for building bridges around the globe, to connect and share the colourful aspects of aromatherapy and herbal medicine worldwide, this e-journal on 124 pages feels just like the unstoppable burst of nature at springtime.

Every single one of our 21 articles in this issue is special! We are grateful to all our wonderful contributors from around the world for their unique essential oil approaches, fascinating ideas with systematic research, and solutions that come from decades of field experience in aromatic medicine, therapeutics, and the plant essences we love working with.

Our Food For Thought section features two articles from the giants' hall of fame in aromatherapy: Jan Kusmirek from England raises questions about the status of aromatherapy and the contradiction of beliefs, while Dr Daniel Pénoël from France, in the first of a series of articles, shares his philosophy of Osmobiose and reveals fundamentals of essences and humankind.

We thank you all for your continued support. Hope you keep expanding your horizon while continuing to enjoy reading Aromatika Magazine!

Get your copy of Aromatika Magazine!

To have your copy of our beautiful and highly informative magazine, follow the link to the shop and get your download, or subscribe to become a four-seasons reader of our quarterly e-journal.

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