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Copy of Autumn Edition (10.3) of Aromatika is in the shop now!

Welcome to the 2023 Autumn edition (10.3) of Aromatika magazine.

Dear Aromatic and Herbal friends,

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Aromatika magazine. As Autumn is approaching here in the Northern Hemisphere, in the US, we celebrate a long weekend as the kids are getting ready to go back to school, the blackberries are coming to an end, vegetable and herb gardens are slowing down, and the trees are full of apples this year, making it a busy time of year!

We have a special project we have been working on at the journal. We started organizing a major online event called the Aromatic Hologram Project. We ask for your patience as we will reveal all the details soon! As a sneak peek, we can tell you it has something to do with our Giant's interviewees. In fact, many of them! Our aim for the February 16-17-18th Aromatic Hologram Project is to dive into the immense knowledge of aromatic experts from around the globe who have paved the way for modern aromatherapy and reconnect, inspire and foster a collective learning experience.

Aromatika Autumn edition (10.3) is now in the shop. It is full of inspiring and creative articles.

Our Essential Oils and Traditions have two outstanding articles: Hraundis, a distillery in Iceland, and from Madagascar, Traditional Medicine and Remedies. Three interviews with "Giants" Michael Scholes, Jade Shutes, and Maggie Tisserand. In our Herbs column, we have an excerpt from A Working Herbal Dispensary by Lucy Jones on Angelica ( Angelica archangelica).

7th Sense features two amazing articles, Stelios Tzourmpakis: Thyme-Thymus Gland, The Road to a more fulfilling life and happy life! and Doreen DeSerres DuJardin: Instinctual aromatic awareness

In Applications, Jirbie Go has shared her case studies in Aromatherapy for the animal rescuer. Melinda Copeland writes an interesting article, Treating Leaky Gut with Aromatherapy. In Aesthetics, Ildiko Berecz writes to us about Roses, mystics and divine love- may your dreams come true.

This is a sampling of what you will find in this edition of the Autumn edition of Aromatika.

We are a global community of plant-loving people. We are so grateful for the amazing and talented authors who contribute to our magazine.

The Autumn issue of Aromatika Magazine is packed with heartfelt and inspiring articles. To read these articles, order your copy of our Autumn issue of Aromatika Magazine (10.3) and subscribe to our beautiful e-Journal Yearly Plan by following the link in our bio or simply copy and paste the link here:

Over the 130 colourful pages in our Autumn issue, we have some of the most knowledgeable aromatherapists and educators from around the world.

With much gratitude, we thank you all for your continued support and hope you'll be enjoying the fascinating chapters of our Autumn e-journal.

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