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Healing with Flowers – The Power of Floral Medicine

“The healing potential of flowering plants is an integral part of the deep bond that exists between humans and nature. That flowers have the ability to heal us, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually, is something that has been recognised and utilised as far back as we know. Now in the 21st century with evidence of the healing role of flowers going back 60,000 years, we are still striving to understand the totality of their significance in our lives.”

There is vibrant storytelling in Anne McIntyre's new book Healing with Flowers – The Power of Floral Medicine. Anne McIntyre is a medical herbalist and offers a comprehensive, deep yet delightful read to anyone interested in, excited about or already engaged with the world of plant medicine.

The book encourages you to deepen your relationship with plants, more specifically flowers, and invites on a journey spending time with them as you would when dedicating yourself into the intimacy of a new friendship with enthusiasm, curiosity and an opening heart as you reflect upon one another. You will also read about how each of the 64 flowers described here can be used in healing and the different modes of preparation used.

Our co-editor Ildiko Berecz reviewed Anne's wonderful book and you can read that in our SPRING issue of AROMATIKA Magazine 9.1.

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