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How postpartum depression led me to launching a perfume brand

“Little did I realize shortly after that postpartum depression was slowly creeping in and would gradually overtake my psyche. I hadn't really had a sense of awareness that I wasn't my vibrant self.” - Tamar Weinberg

Tamar Weinberg's story is extraordinary. Tamar suffered from depression for nearly a decade. One day she tried on a tiny vial of perfume, which changed her perspectives on life – she wanted live again and made it her life's journey to change the world through scent. How postpartum depression led me to launch a perfume brand has a captivating true story.

“Perfume is a product that is generally sexualized. Made commercially available for the general population only about 100 years ago, perfume advertising is all about being sensual. Sexual. Irresistible. But that was not my experience.”

“I started by going to stores and experimenting with various perfumes, learning about notes and the three layers of perfume (with top, middle, and base notes, perfumes tell their own stories). I read books. I watched documentaries. I joined online communities, including one where I met Paul Kiler, an award-winning perfumer. I bought products and samples and…”

In the PERFUME Special Edition of Aromatika Magazine read this pivotal article written by Tamar Weinberg as she unveils her journey from postpartum depression to developing a fragrance brand designed for self-love!

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