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Löyly – The fragrant soul of the sauna

"Imagine yourself as you arrive at a special retreat called 'sauna world'. You are tired, nervous, and your phone is ringing every minute. Your thoughts are going in every possible direction, and you have lots of things on your to-do list. You have some stressful pain everywhere in your body, and you are dispersed, overwhelmed, feel chaotic and cannot concentrate. Then you enter the magical world: semi-darkness, pleasing fragrance in the air, cosy warm temperature, calm environment, friendly people, some refreshments (lemonade, tea, fruits, maybe some biscuits). Everything tells your instincts that you are safe; you are home. Immediately you feel soothed and relaxed, and in a few minutes, you forget all your problems. You find yourself and realise that this is your own time. You can leave everything out."

"As we do not find saunas in every part of the world, the following description may be familiar to some and sound very strange for others. I know that this unique tradition may sound weird and unfamiliar. If you have ever felt prejudiced against the Finnish way of relaxing, please give yourself a chance to enjoy it in every tiny detail. I kindly invite you now for virtual participation in an imaginary session."

Diána Dombó graduated as a horticultural engineer in Hungary. Besides working with plants, she became a sauna therapist, and accomplished a series of massage courses such as Swedish, Lomi-Ananda, Wellness, Hot-stone, Ayurvedic. In this exciting article Diana shares some peculiar details of her passion, a rather lesser know magic of working with essential oils in the sauna. She opens the door to something mystical, and invites us back to nature through this ultimately relaxing and cleansing experience.

The full article is in our TRADITIONS section of our new 2022 SPRING issue of AROMATIKA Magazine 9.1.

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