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Mother Tulsi

Another beautiful 7th sense article that Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens from Australia gifted us about Mother Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) or commonly known as holy basil.

“In Indian Hindu tradition, Tulsi is related to the Mother energy and the divine Goddess Lakshmi – Goddess of Abundance. Abundance has many aspects – align with her as you pray for abundance in; fertility, joy, health, prosperity, and wealth creation.”

“Tulsi is adaptogenic, like medicinal mushrooms and Maca root; she works with the body to revitalize and restore it.” – Read more of the traditional uses of Tulsi as a sacred plant in ancient Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, and get inspired by the many modern aromatherapy blend options that Vanessa from Food Alchemy generously shares with us.

You will find the article in the autumn edition of Aromatika Magazine (2021. 8.3.1)

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