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Nature's perfumes – Mindfulness and well-being

“But on that day, the juxtaposition between the scent of the air before and after the rain was so massive that it mesmerised me. I felt that all those little drops of rain are drops of magic. I felt like my nose was blind before and after the rain. The volume got turned up by a million. But it was not just my sense of smell; everything around me seemed to come alive.”

“But as I research it, I found out that it is not the rain itself that smells, but the interaction between the rain and the soil releases volatile compounds into the air. These compounds are known as geosmin or earth odour.”

“In nature, it is all about scent. It gives us not only information but helps us be in the moment and experience our surroundings, food, drinks, etc. And also teaches us. How to enjoy and saviour these mindful moments. It connects us to nature, to ourselves and recharges us too.”

Zita Gyurokovics is trained in aromatherapy and in botanical perfumery, and is the creator of Mar Galliti - skin care & botanicals. She lives in the countryside of Hungary where she planted 4,000 of her own lavenders and established her holistic life and business based on values very human, natural and instinctive. Here, sustainability, awareness, social sensitivity, love of nature and animals are a real part of everyday life, and Zita’s beautiful writing ‘Nature's perfumes – Mindfulness and well-being’ comes from her very deeply authentic experiences connecting with nature.

A true Earth-loving article from botanical perfumer Zita Gyurokovics in our SUMMER issue of AROMATIKA Magazine (9.2.). Indulge and educate yourself in Nature’s immerse power, the magazine is full of seeds to sow!

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