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The Perfumed Odyssey Of An Aromatherapist

"I've never been comfortable with the blend of synthetic and natural perfumery, particularly when quality essential oils are so helpful when addressing issues with the body and mind. I always liked the challenge and wild herring aspect essential oils can bring to a blend." - Cher Grosse

"My early life involved plant foraging and storing foods for cold winter months when we could have little greenery. My mother lovingly taught me about medicine making from our land and how to pick tree bark and berries and wildflowers in a way that would encourage next year's return. These were the accountrements of my childhood. Early in life I rubbed flowers and tree resins on my wrists and forearms to fragrance my body. I smeared berries I wasn't familiar with and mixed dirt and clay with water from our pond to smell the mineral earth notes. I though of myself as a perfumer, salting and layering my mother's beautiful Rugosa roses to prepare them for a water bath, my early rendition of distillation." Cher Grosse is a third-generation herbalist, distiller, professionally trained aromatherapist and business member of NAHA (National Aromatherapy Holistic Association). She began her Canadian aromatherapy training in 2000 and continued in 2009 at The College of Health Sciences in Oregon. Cher emigrated to California with her apothecary business in 2016. She has dedicated her life to aromatics through education, sharing experiences and creating weekly videos of distillations on her YouTube channel, Essential oil Apothecary.

In the PERFUME Special Edition of Aromatika Magizine read this enchanting article written by Cheri Grosse of Essential Oil Apothecary. Cheri takes us along on her journey from a child growing up with plants to aromatherapist and now a perfumer!

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