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Yuzu: Steam Distillation with an Ultrasonic Generator

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Raised both in Japan and the US, Jasmine Maika Bues is a clinical aromatherapist in New York City who combines the use of medicinal French aromatherapy, and aromatic herbs and spices inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. We featured Jasmine’s truly eye-opening article in Aromatika’s spring issue last year, and it feels important to recite this topic now in order to expand the horizon of "eco-conscious" thinking.

Kochi prefecture in Japan is the region known for its superior quality of yuzu (Citrus junos), and about half of Japan’s yuzu is grown here. Just like any other commercial industry, many environmental issues are surrounding the essential oil industry. Over 20 years ago, an eco-conscious company was established here to find revolutionary techniques and workflow via their production.

“Why not compost the peels then, you may be wondering? Another characteristic of yuzu is that its peels are so high in antibacterial chemical contents that inhibit the growth of essential bacteria needed during composting. Moreover, because yuzu peels are also high in pectin and polymer compounds, they are high in viscosity, causing difficulties in the wastewater filtration process.”

In this article you will find out how the ability to extract a greater complexity of chemicals from the yuzu peels was the key to solving the yuzu peel waste's environmental issues, and how this invention allowed that the yuzu peels can complete their full lifecycle back to the earth!

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