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This edition is 130 pages. A digital product

Aromatika magazine 8.1.1. 2021.SPRING


    6–21 Dr Marco Valussi: Citrus Industry

    24–27 Carla Vescovi: Pitanga (Brazilian Cherry) Eugenia uniflora L.



    28–31 Jade Shutes: Unravelling the Beauty of Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.)



    32–36 Ann Harman: Purchasing Your First Still

    38–41 Jasmine Maika Bues: Steam Distillation with an Ultrasonic Generator: How a problem making yuzu essential oil led to an eco-conscious solution

    42–47 Philippe Banel: Daily Use of Aromatic Balms

    50–63 Meaghan Smeraglia: Scents of Wellness – An Occupational Therapy Perspective of Aromatherapy for Mental Health

    64–66 Shirley Routley: Synergies and Bases



    70–79 Robin B. Kessler, CCA: Frankincense Resins: The Journey & Beyond

    80–85 Saad Admani: Rose Capital of The World – The Indus Rose Valley



    90–93 Jan Kusmirek: Aroma, Smell & the Diatonic Scale

    94–97 Karen Gilbert: Therapeutics vs. Aesthetics – The Aromatherapists Guide to Creating a Balanced Natural Perfume

    98–103 Tanya Moulding: The Scented Star – A Fragrant Gaze at Jasmine


    7th SENSE

    104-108 Doreen DeSerres DuJardin: Energetic Awareness

    110–115 Evelyn Mulders: Life is Sound



    116–121 Monika Halmos: Cookies With Seducing Flavours

    122–125 Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens: Food Alchemy – Where Food and Essential Oils Combine to Create Alchemical Creations



    126–128 What research says about herbs and essential oils...



    129 Helen Nagle-Smith (2020). Working With Unusual Oils Volume 1.

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