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Enikő has inherited her passion for herbs from her grandparents who have taken her to excursions to collect herbs in the Transylvanian mountains when she was a child.


Aromatherapy has enchanted her for many years and plays a vital part in her life ever since. Her goal is to take the acquired knowledge to a professional level in the near future.​

Gergely holds a BA in English teaching and after a 12-year long period spent in the advertising-marketing world decided to change his life and started his journey in the field of healing. Gergely is a graduate of the Cortiva Institute: Seattle School of Massage and is a nationally certified (NCBTMB) and Washington state-licensed massage therapist. He completed the Master's Apprenticeship program with the School for Aromatic Studies in Seattle. He is a professional member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).


He currently lives in Budapest, Hungary where he practices massage as a certified therapeutic massage therapist and offers aromatherapy courses to the public. He is the lead instructor in Hungary for the School for Aromatic Studies in his school Aroma Botanica He continues his study of alternative medicine/herbal medicine and is a certified phytotherapist.


Gergely is the co-creator of the 'Beyond the Essential Oil Recipe' Summit as well as the Tongue of the Trees Aromatherapy Oracle cards with Elizabeth Ashley aka The Secret Healer. Gergely is the Founder of Budapest Drops.

Gabriella is a mother of three girls. She makes scented jewelry and is a journalist. Originally, she graduated as a French teacher and teaches when her time allows.


She believes that her real venture is the world of aromatics. She has studied holistic aromatherapy with Gergely Hollódi with whom they founded Aromatika.


Gabriella launched Pomanders in 2018 where she makes scented jewelry from minerals and silver, and which come with essential oil blends of her own creation. Essential oils are not only part of her work but are fully interweaving her life. Sic years ago her favourite essential oil was Vetiver, now Frankincense goes with it head by head. She believes that scents relax, uplift, or console us and she cannot imagine her life without them.

Cretan Correspondent

Ildiko Berecz is a modern-day alchemist from Hungary who now lives on Crete island and brings life-changing experiences through her inspiring and transformative aromatic practices, writing, and photography. Trained and certified in several modalities, Ildiko has a deep understanding and holistic approach to life. Plants, harvesting, distilling, herbal formulations & aromatherapy are all integral parts of her daily life and teachings, just as her holistic coaching and consultations to empower people all around the world. She leads aromatic workshops, field trips, and transformative retreats on Crete, and travels seasonally. Ildiko runs her blog Essential Reflections and has been a contributing writer to Aromatika Magazin since 2015 to promote a deeper understanding of sustainable practices with transparency and authenticity in one’s personal life and work ethos.

You can reach Ildikó at Essential Reflections or