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A moment of gratitude to Botanica organiser Rhiannon Lewis

While we have been working behind the scenes on the summer issue of Aromatika, the excitement in counting the days for the Botanica2022 Conference stays in the air. We would like to take a moment and express gratitude to the organiser of the most influential aromatherapy event in our lives that was born in Europe 10 years ago and has become an international and independent conference series that showcases excellence in clinical aromatherapy and related herbal therapeutics. Connecting plant-passionate professionals from around the world for a time of sharing information, education, networking and sourcing quality products, the first four Botanica Conference Series were held in person, and then continued as a virtual venue to be accessible to anyone in this globe.

Botanica is the brainchild of aromatherapist Rhiannon Lewis who has been active in the field of clinical aromatherapy for the past 33 years as a practitioner, author and educator. Her interest in essential oils and related plant extracts effectively dovetails with her passion for making a difference to health and quality of life of sick patients. As director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants based in France, Rhiannon provides information, education and research related to the field of essential oils. In 2000 she was made a Fellow of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, in 2009 she received an outstanding achievement award from the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and in 2019 she received a lifetime achievement award from the same organisation.

Since 2004, Rhiannon has been editor of the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy (IJCA), and in 2021 she also realised another personal dream in the creation of the International Clinical Aromatherapy Network (ICAN): an online platform for all involved professionally in the field of essential oils. ICAN currently has 700+users and members from over 50 countries worldwide and provides the opportunity for networking, education, mentoring and sourcing quality products related to the field.

We thank Rhi for being the bright engine though her passion as serving the aromatherapy community, and we are grateful for the opportunity what the Botanica2022 Conference will offer us to connect and continue our life-long education. We invite you all to join us between May 20-22! Check out the botanica2022 website.

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