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About Cistus ladanifer extracts - Part 1

Our path as essential oil distillers simply came to us. To be precise, we met on the mountain. There was this sweet and woody aroma wrapped up with resinous intensity. The aroma combination called our attention and made us believe that ‘This plant has to have healing properties!’

"Learning to know one plant is like developing a relationship with a person or a friend. Each one is different within the spectrum of values and needs. How deep this relationship may be and how intensely an ordinary plant from Portugal may influence one's life, and decisions are already written in our life stories. Understanding the properties of Cistus ladanifer was key to looking at this plant with respect and admiration."

Marju Kivi runs Naturalness Essential Oil Distillery with her family in the heart of Portugal where wild areas surround the distillery, and where Cistus ladanifer dominates. “We are living in a World dominated by Plants!” - Marju writes - “Isn’t this fascinating how each geographical region on this Planet has unique coverage of such incredible selection!”

We are completely fascinated for the whole article in our new SUMMER ISSUE in which Marju also generously shares project details and their information results from scientific research in relation to properties of Cistus ladanifer essential oil and hydrolat carried out by local universities in Portugal. This piece is a continuation of Marju Kivi’s previous article in Aromatika Spring 2022 as she thankfully takes the time to talk about her extraordinary experiences walking her aromatic path in many roles as a mother, gardener, aromatic distiller and natural perfumer.

The full article is in our ESSENTIAL OILS section of our extensively educative SUMMER issue of AROMATIKA Magazine (9.2.) is available for download in our shop.

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