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Anna senses

"Six and a half months have passed since I started my olfactory therapy. After the first two months, the scents began to find me. Sage (Salvia officinalis) was the first essential oil I detected from the beginning. Not the smell itself, but unexplainable, elemental energy. Except for citruses, I think everything smells almost the same. It's a little different, and I need to repaint my palette a little bit, but the goal is to make it more colourful. Recovering the sense of flavour will take more time than that."

"According to the physician, the gradual recovery of smell requires at least as much time as the period beginning with the moment I have lost it. The recovery period starts with the first occurrence of a smell trace."

A fascinating article from Anna Surányi, an aromatherapist and aesthetician in Hungary, about her encounter with subtle aromatherapy after losing her sense of smell and taste at the beginning of 2021. Anna got COVID-19, and she fell in despair both mentally and physically. Since then, she believes that it is not the physically unbalanced people who are more vulnerable to this disease, but rather the mentally unstable – a note which is obviously a lay person's research on a non-representative sample.

The full article is in our APPLICATIONS section of our 2022 SPRING issue of AROMATIKA Magazine 9.1.

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