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Anxiolytic Effect of Aromatherapy during the First Stage of Labour

Sometimes information arrives just the right time, to deliver a message or inspire in some ways, whether we learn something new or refresh our knowledge by the reminder of the instance. With the third in the series of research reviews from dr. Péter Babulka's plant medicine column, we really wonder where this piece of article would land in your pool of aromatic toolkit?

"Maternal anxiety is the most common psychological response of women to labour. It leads to severe contraction of the pelvic floor and perineal muscles, increasing labour pain. An Iranian research team aimed to evaluate and summarise the available clinical evidence on the anxiolytic effects of aromatherapy during the first stage of labour. The types of aromatherapy administration in the RCTs included aromatherapy inhalation, massage, footbath, inhalation and footbath, birthing pool, acupressure points, and compress."

You will find suggested essential oils listed in this study which we hope many of you will find beneficial. The review is in the Phyto-Aroma news section of Aromatika Magazine 2021. 8.3.1. For the full article and more, just follow the link to the shop and get your selection of downloads or get subscribe to our yearly plan.

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