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Aroma Kitchen: Chocolate Kefir Smoothie

Cheers to the weekend with this lovely aromatic recipe! Chocolate Kefir Smoothie from Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens from Australia, and provided you have all ingredients, it’s easy-peasy to blend. And if are missing some ingredients? Just get creative as Vanessa did when she decided to play with smoothie ideas, and by chance this was born. Food alchemy at its best!


• 1 cup water kefir • 1/2 cup coconut cream • 2 tsp raw cacao powder • 1 tbsp chia seeds • 1 tsp vanilla seeds • 1 tsp cinnamon • 1/2 tsp mesquite powder • 1 cinnamon quill • 2 pitted Medjool dates • Choose your preferred whole-food sweetener; honey, maple syrup, coconut syrup to taste (optional).


Place everything into a glass jar, secure the lid on the jar and shake, shake, shake! Then place in the fridge. Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight until thick and creamy. Remarks: Drink within 2 days. This will continue to ferment. Careful opening your jar it may bubble over. You can add more chia for a thicker pudding or create this into a smoothie once fermented... or an ice cream! Yummy!

Aroma Kitchen is an inspiring playful section of AROMATIKA that is to sparkle some ideas using our rich selection of aromatic and medicinal plants and remembering: when used and prepared well, food is our medicine! More recipes can be found in the winter edition of AROMATIKA Magazine.

If you make this Chocolate Kefir Smoothie in your kitchen and feel inspired to share a slice of gratitude, please remember to let us all know to warm our hearts and grow our community!

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