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Aroma Kitchen: Melissa

We have some delicious ideas in our AROMA KITCHEN section! One of our culinary guides is Mariann Beh, who is an Agricultural Biotechnologist MSc, grows medicinal and herbal plants in her garden in Hungary, and she is using them as ingredients as she makes teas, pestos, jams, herb and spice sauces. On her workshops at Bazsalikomos kert she teaches everyone to create unique and healthy treats.

In this issue Mariann brings us some of her fantastic experiences with Melissa. Botanical descriptions, some advice on cultivating the Melissa plant, great kitchen recipes, as well as tasty refreshing tea blending suggestions. We loved the Salmon with Jerusalem artichokes and herbs recipe, and the making of a lovely Melissa syrup. Our very favourite is the super alternative Melissa cheesecake!

Hope you will enjoy exploring our section for taste buds (and for all senses, of course!) Check out our AROMA KITCHEN in Aromatika Magazine 2021. 8.3.1.

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