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Aromatherapy and the anatomy of grief

“Grief affects everyone differently. Grief is an emotional shock to the mind, body, and soul.”

A very important subject here, and the author of this article is a graduate of the Aromatic Scholars program of The School for Aromatic Studies. In the Applications column, we are honoured to feature Beti M. Turner and her graduate's paper that is not only well researched, but includes her very own touching personal case study as she got presented with depression and other emotional and physical health issues having had lost her husband of 33 years. A true inspiration, Beti is a 64-year-old aromatherapist and massage therapist, has a graduate degree in adult education, and on a life-long learning and teaching path, currently pursuing a certification as a yoga instructor.

“There are several types of loss, such as divorce, job loss, theft, disability, to name a few, but the death of a loved one may be the most significant with the most impact on emotional well-being. Therefore, the focus of this paper is on the loss of a loved one.”

“There are several ways to cope with grief. Still, this paper will present how aromatherapy, and more particularly with essential oils, maybe a restorative method to assist an individual through the grieving process… Essential oils impact not only the emotional aspect of grief but the physical aspect as well.”

You will find the article in the autumn edition of Aromatika Magazine (2021. 8.3.1)

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