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Aromatika 2022 Summer edition 9.2

The magazine is now available in the shop loaded with wonders of aromatics from tales of essential oils old and new. Herbs and therapeutic practices from the Himalayas to New Zealand, natural perfume as a soul medicine and self-development tool, a better understanding of inflammation, and strategies for burnout and stress management.

This edition collated beautiful articles to help you through stress and feelings of insecurity and strengthen positive thoughts and joy. What makes us proud and feel happy is that more and more readers from many countries worldwide join us on our journey with every edition. So thank you all!

We are humbled that our Food For Thought section continues to feature excellent articles from the giants' hall of fame in aromatherapy. In his treatise 'Smelling life Smelling nature', Jan Kusmirek poses a not unreasonable question of whether Aromatherapy makes sense, while Dr Daniel Pénoël opens hidden gates of his exciting journey that lead to the foundation of Quantum Aromatherapy. It is our pleasure to bring you knowledge from ancient wisdom keepers in the Kashmir region of India, where organic farmers live the principles of Ayurvedic practices and transparently share their life philosophy with us to show how to apply it that also our everyday life philosophy.

Handling grief and getting to the end of a toxic relationship is what Marika Fleri from Malta puts on the table. Our regular contributors for scented soul guidance are Bowen Wei from Japan and Doreen DeSerres DuJardin from the US both take us on Aromatic pathways in their own unique and extraordinary ways.

With our stunning collection of over 20 articles on 138 pages, we leave you to enjoy all the rest of the hidden gems in the summer issue of Aromatika. Once again, we thank all our fantastic contributors, readers and follower for the immeasurable support and keep honouring our efforts to bring you truly exquisite content with each edition of our e-journal. We wish you a joyful and wonderful sunny summer, and enjoy reading fascinating articles from the aromatic world!

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To have your copy of our beautiful and highly informative magazine, follow the link to the shop and get your download, or subscribe to become a four-seasons reader of our quarterly e-journal.

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