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Australian Essential Oil Profiles

“How many Australian essential oils would you be able to list from the top of your head? Well done, for as many as you get, and Deby Atterby will round it up for you to include all the thirty-five Australian native and fifteen common essential oils covered in her invaluable book.”

We are sure you would share the feelings of our editor-in-chief Gergely Hollódi as he goes with this book review: “My heart started pounding when I received my dedicated copy of Australian Essential Oil Profiles by my colleague and friend Deby Atterby in the mail. I held the beautiful, hardcover book in my hands, started rolling the pages and sniffing the 'new book smell' many book lovers adore. Although it was the paper I smelt, my imagination allowed my nostrils with the blend of this far away land, starting with the familiarity of the medicinal scents I know too well and invoking many more of the lush unknown.”

Deby Atterby has been an aromatherapy lecturer for over 30 years. Her devotion to healing and aromatherapy through combining Australian native and other locally-grown common essential oils incorporated into her clinical aromatherapy practice is well reflected in the Australian Essential Oil Profiles, covering a wide array of topics throughout the 360 pages. Read read our full review in our Spring edition, and visit our friends at Aromatherapy Today, Australia’s International Aromatherapy Journal for resources such as Deby Atterby’s new publication which undoubtedly fills a gap in modern aromatherapy!

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