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Giant's Interview with Jade Shutes By Gergely

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Gergely Hollodi interviewed Jade Shutes, who launched her first aromatherapy school in the US in 1991, was two times NAHA President, and now has affiliate schools in five countries worldwide.

"The soul-soothing aromas of plant-derived essential oils can help rewrite traumatic memories into experiences of joy, hope and inner peace. As an aromatherapist, I aspire to build bridges between aromatics and trauma healing for human wholeness."

Where did you start your career?

Shortly after graduating from the Raworth Institute in England, I moved back to my home town of Boston, MA., in the United States. My hope and vision were to develop an aromatherapy practice, which I did, but I also found that few people knew what aromatherapy was. I realized I had to begin teaching people about aromatherapy and essential oils to build my practice. Within months of returning, I found myself teaching at adult education facilities, massage schools, and esthetic schools. I also began writing my first blending manual, inspired by my practice and relationship with essential oils.

What is/was your philosophy in teaching aromatherapy? In other words, what does the word 'aromatherapy' mean to you?

My relationship and understanding of aromatherapy have changed over the years as the field has grown and shifted from being integrated with massage to a stand-alone therapy integrated into a wide range of professions and used within the home to support health and emotional well-being.

Today, aromatherapy still means the same thing to me: the use of plant-derived essential oils and hydrosols to support health and well-being, but the application methods have grown and expanded.

Read the full interview in the Aromatika 2023 Autumn edition (10.3), available in the shop.

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