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Blending our chakras

“We live in space and time, in which mastering energy is vital. As our planet evolves from the third dimension, altering the energetic fields and collective consciousness, the shadows face over 60 different types of dense matter-energy. Considering that we also share our spaces with other living beings, balancing this group energy is harder. It is like we all have our energetic challenges blended with this great Gaia experience!”

“In this article, I will share some daily practices that help us raise and balance our energy, aligning our energetic vortexes with essential oils. Beyond the traditional aspects of Clinical Aromatherapy, the energetic properties of essential oils go farther than any understanding.”

Giovanna Fischer is a Brazilian Aromatherapist, Natural Perfumer, Thetahealer & Reiki Master, passionate about beauty and skincare. As a good Gemini, she has multiple interests and believes that magic is a constant state of transformation. Giovanna gifted us with a fascinating article on essential oils and chakras, and she also shares seven personal blends to help you create rituals for chakra balancing and establish a beautiful weekly practice with that.

We are grateful to feature Giovanna's beautiful article that you will find in our 2022 SPRING issue of AROMATIKA Magazine 9.1.

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