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Bookshelf - Wild Apothecary: Reclaiming Plant Medicine for All

We reviewed a recently published herbal book in our Bookshelf section. ‘Wild Apothecary: Reclaiming Plant Medicine for All’ is just what most people might need in these modern times, having lost connection, and yearning to turn back to nature...

The author, Amaia Dadachanji at Wild Apothecary, who learnt and absorbed herbalism worldwide, lives in the UK and is a practising herbalist near Stroud, Gloustershire. She teaches herbalism, sees patients, crafts botanicals, draws and writes about herbs and wilder life. Her caring and imaginative, even witty writing style is accompanied by truly charming drawings.

Although Amaia states that "the book is a beginner's guide to herbalism and the practical applications of plant medicines in your home or community", it seems more than that, especially with the build-up of the abundant and detailed information on wild harvesting or growing one's own herbs, how to actually make plant medicine (internal and external) as well as touching elements (astrology) and energetics as well.

Wild Apothecary, published by AEON Books, is highly educational and reveals true love for nature's beauty and the healing opportunities it offers us. You can read our full book review in Aromatika Magazine 2021. 8.3.1.

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