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Breaking traditions: Using native essential oils in evidence-based practice

We thought to brighten the day with more beautiful shiny faces here! In preparation for Botanica2020, we have made a little review to bring about a series of short portraits with some of our most excellent contributing writers to Aromatika Magazine. We will meet them all at this Botanica again, as they are offering their lectures at this most-awaited upcoming online aromatherapy conference between May 20-22.

First in the series of our aromatic friends comes Deby Atterby who is a qualified Aromatic Medicine Practitioner/Clinician, Clinical Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Iridologist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Beauty Therapist, and Lecturer. With her team of experts, since 2015 she organizes the Aromatica Australia aromatherapy conference. Deby is also the owner, editor, and publisher of the well-known Aromatherapy Today International Journal. She authored several books, including HEALTH, Vitality and Wellbeing – Aromatic Detox & Elimination, and her latest book 'Australian Essential Oil Profiles’ is out now and we happily reviewed her exceptional work in our 2022 Spring issue. Deby is also the Australian ambassador to the Botanica conference series.

Deby Atterby’s lecture "Breaking traditions: Using native essential oils in evidence-based practice.” will be available for viewing at any moment during Botanica2022. We are so looking forward to be there, to meet Deby again, now online, and learn from her wisdom! If you want to join us, just check out the botanica2022 website.

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