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Burnout & Bergamot

Burnout & Bergamot is an article that you will find in our APPLICATIONS section, however it is here to create more awareness. Kara Rogers, a lovely graduate of the Aromatic Scholars program of The School for Aromatic Studies, brings us a topic that concerns more people than ever…!

“The terms exhaustion and burnout are challenging to define and are at times used interchangeably. Petersen distinguishes them as: "Burnout is of a substantively different category than "exhaustion", although the two conditions are related. Exhaustion means going to the point where you can't go any further; burnout means reaching that point and pushing yourself to keep going, whether for days or weeks or years" (Petersen, 2020, p. xix). This is a crucial distinction to understanding the relevant state of our workforce and that we work to achieve continuous productivity even at the expense of our health and wellness.”

“We started to realize that there was no work and life, it was all the same, and even in a global pandemic, we were threatened to achieve productivity at the same rate and even more. It’s no surprise something needed to change, a dramatic shift in workplace culture towards full-time remote work, reduced hours, and even the Great Resignation is the result of many people realizing that they no longer were willing to live in a perpetual state of burnout.”

Kara goes into this burning contemporary subject and explores how the inhalation of Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) helps reduce feelings and symptoms of burnout.

Kara Rogers is a Level 2 NAHA-certified aromatherapist and clean beauty advocate. Her passion for plants started with her journey towards internal and external balance with the support of natural solutions. Her training in yoga, meditation, and herbalism influences her aromatherapy as a natural extension of her holistic approach. The foundation of her practice is in slow, simple, and sustainable rituals.

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