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Can you replace one essential oil with another?

“Did you know that Rosewood essential oil has an extremely high presence of linalool (over 80%)? This fact makes it easy for you to be creative and utilize any other essential oil rich in this same chemical component to have the desired effect. How interesting is that?”

“In this article from passionate aromatherapy (and chemistry) educator Melani Kovac from Slovania you'll learn tricks to creatively replace one essential oil with another while having the same desired effects. Every time you substitute one essential oil for another based on its main chemical constituents, it'll obviously never be exactly the same - this is especially true when we are searching for the exact same smell. However, you will have similar plus quite predictable effects.”

Melani Kovac is a proud mompreneur, passionate aromatherapist, a multilingual international educator, speaker, and founder of the revolutionary aromatherapy platform Dropsmart. Over the last two decades, she's been dedicated to utilizing the plant's power through the science-led approach while educating industry pioneers on the importance of integrating chemistry knowledge in their holistic practices.

In our 2022 AUTUMN issue, you can read this super interesting article from Melani Kovac who will empower you in expanding your awareness and giving you alternatives on the appropriate and safe usage of essential oils. If you find this article informative and useful, you might be interested to read another fantastic article from Melani in our previous issues:

> Melani Kovac: Dropsmith – A Perfect Tool for Teachers in Aromatika 2021. 8.2. Summer

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