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Centuries of traditional medicine in Hungary Part I.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Before we highlight our next article that covers the history of traditional medicine in Hungary, we wish to honour Dr Peter Babulka, our long-time friend and phytotherapist, who has also become a fully dedicated editorial team member at AROMATIKA, and relentlessly contributes with up-to-date research excerpts from scientific journals about essential oils, aromatics and nutrition.

Péter Babulka graduated in 1978 as an engineer of gardening at the Budapest University of Horticulture, Faculty of Medicinal Plants. After his postgraduate research on “materia medica”, he received a PhD Diploma in 1982 from the Department of Pharmacognosy, Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest. Since that time, he has gained experience in different fields related to medicinal plants, herbal drugs, phyto- and aromatherapy, ethno-medicine and ethno(pharma)botany. He has taught pharmacognosy, basics of phytotherapy and ethnobotany to pharmacy, ethnography, anthropology and veterinary medicine students at various universities. He has written more than 500 scientific and educational articles in different fields and authored or co-authored ten books and book chapters, 2 CD-ROMs and Android apps on medicinal plants and phytotherapy. Besides, he was the producer consultant of a four entries film series on Hungarian healing traditions. He is one of the founder members of the European Society of Ethnopharmacology.

We are truly fascinated to have Peter on board, with his professional tutoring and decades of academic and field experience that he brings to us and to all of our readers. Part one of his resourceful article ‘Centuries of Traditional Medicine in Hungary’ gives plenty of insights into the rich history of scientific researchers and traditional knowledge in the country where our editorial team at AROMATIKA is coming from.

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