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Cinnamon spice and essential oil

“If you happen to have in your possession any of the following, inhale – whilst you read – the aroma of Cinnamon leaf essential oil (Cinnamomum verum J. Presl) or Cinnamon bark essential oil (Cinnamomum verum J. Presl) or sniff on powdered cinnamon. Simply open the lid of the essential oil or spice and just let the genie out of the bottle whilst you read this paper!”

An amazing fragrant article from Sonnika Coetzee in South Africa which tells the story of cinnamon as a spice. It goes through deep history, myths and legends, the relationship and connection between cinnamon/cassia and South Africa, and gives a wonderful essential oil profile with a case study and blending details. The author is, a graduate of the Aromatic Scholars program of the School for Aromatic Studies. Sonnika just loves everything fragrant and made her first “perfume” with ALL her mother’s essential oils when she was eight years old! Later, she became an Aromatherapist and also started to distil indigenous South African essential oils on a small scale.

“Truth to be told, the Republic of South Africa owe its existence to this humble spice. Our schools, education system and economy were constructed because of cinnamon. Not because South Africa ever traded in this spice or grew plantations for export. No, because it is part of our heritage and traditions. I will explain in detail how I came to this conclusion later in this paper.”

Read the whole story and study from the lovely Sonnika Coetzee in our highly educative AUTUMN issue of AROMATIKA Magazine (9.3.) and if you like this article, please come back to us and let us know in comments or by email!

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