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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Summer edition (10.2) of Aromatika magazine.

Dear Aromatic and Herbal friends,

We are excited to bring an Interview with two of our "Giants" in the Aromatherapy industry.

As Summer has begun in the Northern Hemisphere we wish you days filled with sunshine, an abundance from nature and your gardens, hopefully, time to enjoy the lazy days of summer!

INTERVIEW WITH JEANNE ROSE By Michelle Ensley Jeanne Rose started her herbalist-aromatherapy career in 1969. She has been writing books, formulating herbal and aromatherapy products and educating people for close to 55 years. "I grow plants, watch them grow, smell, distil, and use them daily. I have an attachment to the ecology of the plant and its terroir, and when these are excellent, the plant produces a wondrous scent that I can enjoy. and extract by various means."

IF YOU HAD ONE OIL TO TAKE TO A DESERTED ISLAND, WHICH ONE WOULD IT BE? Rosemary and I would take the plant as well. It is healing, fragrant, and edible. Jeanne has written over 25 books. She believes that natural perfumery is an extension of aromatherapy and that aromatherapy is the logical extension of herbal therapy. "You can't really know about the essential oil unless you also know the herb." She has been writing a blog about herbs and essential oils for the last five years. Jeanne has covered and published over 150 plants in-depth in her blog posts. See: Http:// You won't want to miss our Summer edition (10.2) of Aromatika magazine where you can read the complete interview with Jeanne Rose. Jeanne is a pioneer and legendary contributor to our industry. Aromatika Summer edition (10.2) is now in the shop. It is full of inspiring and creative articles.

In our Essential oils and Traditions, we have two outstanding articles about two different species of the beloved Sandalwood species. Two interviews with "Giants" Jeanne Rose and Valerie Cooksley. Ann Harman has presented us with a rich history of Gattefosse. Food for thought, Susan Mousley has written a great article to bring us to a deep place of contemplation. Our regular contributor Dr Peter Babulka has presented us with an interview with Bertalan Galambosi in our Herbs column. Carol Rose has given us a sneak preview of her book Integrating clinical aromatherapy in palliative care with an excerpt on pruritus.

Colleen Thompson has written a great article on Aromatherapy in assisted living or care home settings - benefits of an aromatherapy hand massage.

In Aesthetics Anita Kalnay writes on the power of Emotion, music and scent - Something wild! Doreen Deserres DuJardin, our regular contributor in the 7th sense presents us with another beautiful article, Whispering essences.

This summer you may want to try two mouth-watering recipes by Daniella Wahl.

This is a sampling of what you will find in this edition of the Summer edition of Aromatika.

We are a global community of plant-loving people. We are so grateful for the amazing and talented authors who contribute to our magazine.

The Summer issue of Aromatika Magazine is packed with heartfelt and inspiring articles. To read these articles, order your copy of our Summer issue of Aromatika Magazine (10.2) and subscribe to our beautiful E-Journal yearly subscription by following the link in our bio or simply copy and paste the link here:

Over the 130 colourful pages in our Summer issue, we have some of the most knowledgeable aromatherapists and educators from around the world.

With much gratitude, we thank you all for your continued support and hope you'll be enjoying the fascinating chapters of our SUMMER e-journal.

Get your copy of Aromatika Magazine!

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