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Discovering violet leaf absolute

"What do you think of when you imagine violets? Tiny plants with striking little purple flowers? Violet sweets or chocolates? Maybe you think of someone you knew who grew them or a place where you have seen them grow. Do you think of the smell of the flower or violet perfume? Perhaps you have even known somebody called Violet?"

"My experience reminds me of how powerful and entrenched our aroma memories are and how much they can cloud our perceptions. This is the beauty of doing the work we do. I am always learning, investigating and working to increase my understanding of an essential oil or absolute. In return, I am constantly reminded of the healing afforded to us by these precious gifts from nature.”

Learn more with our lovely contributing writer Helen Nagle-Smith BA, MIFPA, Clinical Aromatherapist from the UK. Helen is the author of Working with unusual oils – an aromatic journey with lesser known essential oils Volume 1. (and she is writing Volume 2 to be published later this year), runs her aromatherapy massage practice in the UK and teaches aromatherapy CPD courses at The Well School.

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