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Essential oils and tension-type headaches

Monika Nuffer is Certified Professional Aromatherapist from the US and shares her research paper on Essential oils and tension-type headaches. Monika holds faculty appointments at the University of Colorado in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and School of Medicine. In addition, she works as a clinical pharmacist with expertise in Integrative Medicine at the Integrative Medicine Center at the University of Colorado Hospital. There, she provides individualized consults, evaluating and explaining safety and efficacy and pros and cons of different herbs, supplements and essential oils patients may need or are considering supplementing their medical therapy.

In her timely article, Monika gives an overview on headache treatments starting with prevention, and stretching out all the way to aromatherapy. “Tension-type headaches are very prevalent in the United States. It is a leading cause of missed work and school days for most Americans. However, most patients continue to experience pain without complete relief of symptoms with treatment. When patients continue to suffer from tension-type headaches, it impacts their quality of life and can lead to other health care illnesses. Prevention is key, but treating acute symptoms can make a world of difference day to day. Essential oils are another option in the toolbox for patients to complement their current conventional care.”

“Integrative therapy is another excellent option that patients complement other current treatments. If headaches are brought on due to stress, mind-body therapy is something to consider. Some examples include biofeedback, relaxation, yoga, hypnosis, and meditation.” More focussed on essential oil therapy, you will read about pathophysiology, research, treatment options, along with a long list of essential oils that have analgesic effect and demonstrate anti-inflammatory properties, as well as relevant key monograph information about peppermint essential oil.

We warmly thank Monika Nuffer for sharing her excellent graduate paper from the Aromatic Scholars program of The School for Aromatic Studies. Please find the complete article in the winter edition of AROMATIKA Magazine. Subscribe or download is available via our shop.

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