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Essential oils – Our teacher of creative living

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

We continue our aromatic journeys through another invitation from our kindred contributor Will Lapaz sending his organoleptic notes all the way from Hawaii. His tween articles emphasize how inseparable we are with nature and consequently, we ought to keep rekindling this connectedness as we work with essential oils. With that in heart, Will runs his company The Perfect Essence where in his blending creations he prefers the term Sacred and Sensual Anointing Oils for his natural perfumes as it speaks more to how they can be used to connect us with ourselves, with one another and with the divine.

"Let’s breathe in and take notes as the aromatic nuances change over time. Let us allow the essences to take us on a journey and touch that deep, hidden part of us from way back in our evolutionary timeline that was perfectly olfactory-informed. Let’s encourage the essences to stimulate and lead the way."

“Possessing an educated and discerning olfactory ability is perhaps our most important skill needed to succeed in our essential oil work. However, due to the nature of our human-centred, modern world, we are generally out of touch with our sense of smell. We are often unable to distinguish authentic essential oils from those created from, or adulterated with, synthetic aromas. Our society is simply not olfactory-informed nor trained in a way as to be able to reliably distinguish these differences.”

More thoughts from the expertise of Will Lapaz on sourcing, comparing, evaluating and purchasing essential oils in the winter edition of AROMATIKA Magazine. Subscribe or download is available via our shop.

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