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The Quality of Essential Oils

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

We are utterly grateful for our regular columnist and pioneer of modern aromatherapy Jan Kusmirek who details seminal questions about the Quality of essential oils in his latest article.

Jan founded the influential Fragrant Earth Company some 40 years ago whilst continuing his practice in Aromatherapy and Naturopathy. Being a lifelong advocate of the Organic Movement, he is both passionate and generous about sharing his profound knowledge, and he does that in such an extraordinary brilliant way… What you get with this article worths signing up for a series of high-profile seminars! A truly empowering behind-the-scenes paper, one you can refer to in your discussions with friends, family and clients when educating them as average consumers on discrepancies of the ‘massive raft of regulations has been underway concerning the chemical industry.’

"Aromatherapy is such a diverse set of products that the idea of therapy has somewhat got lost in a rush for nice natural smells. The therapy has become side-lined in the sense that analytical chemistry is taught in some schools as an appropriate tool in treatment. This lies alongside the vast amount of essential oils and derivatives found in the cosmetics industry, where safety is paramount, and therefore the stability of synthetics is favoured."

"Regulation supports the synthetic chemical industry, and that industry is a very powerful lobby. Moving from aromatherapy to perfumery, we can easily observe the dominance of industrial chemicals purporting to copy or replace natural ’smells’. Consumer advertising of fragrance notes used in perfume rarely makes clear that the rose or lavender referred to has come from a laboratory, not a flower."

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