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Ethanol - the mighty molecule

On our distillers’ roundtrip we now leave the Himalayas and happily ride on our fragrant magic carpet to New Zealand where a special lady is awaiting us! We are so pleased to announce that master distiller Jill Mulvaney re-distilled her fascinating 'ethanol' workshop she had presented at the botanica2022 conference this May.

"Alcohol and its applications are not the first things that spring to mind in forums dedicated to botanical learning, health and wellbeing. But I understand that readers of Aromatika like to think (and learn) outside the square, which is why I would like to share my experience with one of the most useful substances I work with as an aromatic distiller.”

Jill is the founder and head instructor of the educational platform 'The Alembics Lab: Distilling Knowledge' and we are truly grateful that she offers so much of her knowledge to the readers of Aromatika. Please find Jill Mulvaney's lovely article ‘Ethanol - the mighty molecule’ from page 68 in the Summer issue of the magazine.

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