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Gandha Bhoomi Attar Oil(Petrichor Earth Attar Oil) By Krishana Chaitanya

Petrichor Attar oil is one of the rarest attar oils. Petrichor in French means "the smell of raindrops coming from the dry earth after a long summer". In India, it has been known for thousands of years as "Gandha Bhoomi", "First Monsoon Smell", "Rain Earth Smell" and "Mother Earth Smell". Gandha means aroma, and Bhoomi means sacred mother earth. Bhoomi is also one of the great five elements (air, water, earth, fire, and space) that form the whole universe, including our human body. The concept of Bhoomi is limited to not only solid earth but also the earth element, which plays a significant role in all creatures, including humans. Hence, Gandha Bhoomi translates as "The Very Existential Aroma". It is sometimes called "The Very Existential Aroma of Mother Earth". It is referred to as an Attar oil because the distillation process is a part of the "Classical Attar" making process in copper vessels, and the distillation result obtained is in the form of oil.


The rainy earth smell phenomenon was first scientifically described by Australian researchers Isabel Bear and D. Thomas in their paper published in Nature magazine's 1964 March edition. Thomas coined the term 'petrichor' to refer to what had previously been known as "argillaceous odour". The word petrichor comes from the Greek 'petra', meaning stone, and 'ichor', which in Greek mythology refers to the golden fluid that flows in the veins of the immortals. According to Ayurveda aromatherapy and yogic science, there is no golden fluid or immortality. But it symbolizes something connected to the healing prana, which helps to live a long life, almost eternally. This healing prana in Ayurveda and Yogic science is referred to as golden fluid, and its effect on all the layers of body and mind gives immortality. Immortality here means the great five elements of the body (formation) come under the control of yogi and ascetic practitioner; thus, he gets complete control over his body, which allows him to stay young forever and also will enable him to live in one body as long as he wants without undergoing the process of death. In Ayurveda and yogic science, which is also the core foundation of Ayurveda aromatherapy, a process called Kaya-Kalp is mentioned. This ancient holistic process aims to retard the ageing process by boosting immunity, vitality, vigour, prana, cleansing blood and increasing lung capacity. When a person undergoes such a process, the biggest focus is given to all five elements, especially earth, a.k.a. petra. Hence, using petrichor attar oil plays a specific role in Kaya-Kalpa, which very experienced and spiritual Ayurveda doctors perform.

Once the distillation begins, it takes 45–60 days to finish the whole process. As you can imagine, it is a very intensive process that takes an additional 25 days before the distillation. Overall, we consider 80–90 days to finish the distillation process of Petrichor Earth Attar Oil.

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