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Goddess of Spring

"Springtime! The word itself is like a universal language, bringing smiles to faces anticipating the feel of vibrant sunshine opening up clear visions creating new beginnings. A season of bright newness begins each Spring. Subtle aromatic scents fill the atmosphere from winds wafting essences of budding verdant new life forces. Many of us like to discover the Aromatic magic of times past as we travel into our futures. We may evoke the timeless energy of scent as we breathe in the aromatic molecules holding ethereal energetic vibrations."

"I love to explore aspects of Sacred Divinity, especially how the energies of various cultural Goddesses influence our imaginative eld of inner vision. Combining the feeling of Spring with the vibrant, energetic connections from the world of the Goddess is a reverent and exciting way to delve into the plant personalities we resonate with."

Do you have a favourite column or writer at Aromatika? Difficult to say for us, but our 7th sense correspondent Doreen DeSerres DuJardin from Nature's Spirit Aromatherapy does that magic spell with each an every chapter of her guidance in the unseen realms. And here she comes unfolding the mysteries of the Goddesses of Spring in her evocative storytelling style.

Where else to find Doreen’s magical writing if not in our 2022 SPRING issue of AROMATIKA Magazine 9.1.

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