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Grief Revisited - The end of a toxic relationship

"The first article I ever wrote was about my experience dealing with grief through aromatherapy. It was cathartic, to say the least. The first article I wrote for Aromatika, about living through a pandemic, turned out to be about adaptability and grief. Whilst the words and tears are pouring themselves down on paper, I realize that yet again, this article is also about grieving, i.e. is grief revisited. I am embarking on a journey of loss, self-discovery and insight, where I am taking you with me."

"You see, I had to end my relationship with my loyal friend Nicotine as numbing the pain came at the cost of him killing me slowly, day by day. It also came at the cost of him having absolute control over my life. I had tried to do this before, but it never worked. The feeling of emptiness in my stomach, a black, very deep hole, which could not be filled with anything, always got too much to bear after a couple of weeks. Then it was back to smoking, more than before, with the added feeling of shame for failing yet again.


A must read article for so many handling grief and - consciously or not - trying to get to the end of a toxic relationship. Marika Fleri has been practising aromatherapy for the past 20 years in Malta, focusing a great deal of her time on education. We are so grateful for Marika putting highly important topics on the table. Read this excellent article on her journey uncovering the addictive habit of smoking, related emotional motifs, and openly sharing the tools in meeting and overcoming challenging cycles. Maybe you or someone just need to read this very personal story, and draw inspiration, strength and support in meeting the challenges somewhere else?

You will find Marika Fleri’s touching writing in our full-heartedly educative SUMMER issue of AROMATIKA Magazine (9.2.), and if you have not got your copy of our e-journal yet, find it in our shop.

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