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Hunting for lemongrass within Australian natives

Sandra Venables has been in clinical practice for over 20 years, utilising both aromatherapy and homoeopathy in her clinical practice throughout that time. With her passion to share that knowledge throughout the natural therapies world, she has also been a lecturer at leading Australian colleges for over ten years.

“In today’s environment, the sustainability of essential oils is of paramount importance to the producers and the market. Producing essential oils from plants provides a low yield for the producer, resulting in a production strain on the plants, especially as the popularity of essential oils continues to grow. Another aspect of sustainability is the number of air miles associated with a product; some essential oils are produced many miles away from where they are finally utilized, creating another strain on resources worldwide. As such, we must begin to assess locally grown and produced essential oils, and preferably natives that are grown in abundance in the terrain they first started to flourish in.“

Join Sandra Venables in her hunt for an equivalent to lemongrass within Australian natives, and find out why the essential oils of Backhousia citriodora and Melaleuca teretifolia would be a reasonable substitute for lemongrasses in clinical practice. Expect great chemistry data put into context of therapeutics!

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