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If The Essential Oil of Cistus Could Talk...

In her secret conversations series called “If the essential oil of... could talk” Gabriella Schütz sits with Cistus (Cistus ladanifer) to reflect on the talkative character of Rockrose. Gabi (Pomanders) was one of the original founders of Aromatika Magazine back in 2013, and ever since, has kept bringing us new aspects and revelations from the unique characters of aromatic plants and their essential oils.

“Nothing compares with the scent of Cistus. It is wild, animalistic, sensual and earthy. There is something repulsive in it as well, which is so strange that it is almost pleasing. Its scent is dividing;”

“She (Cistus) not only scratches the surface but gets right to the bottom. Nothing remains secret for her eyes. She reveals the truth and confronts you with it. "You need to see yourself", she calls out imperatively. "Until you are not aware of yourself and your values, life is pointless. You are only a lifeless robot. But I can show you your real character. Believe me; life makes sense only this way. My oil sets you free, breaks your chains made of your lies. I am not sure that you will be glad, but you have to see yourself, and your real spirit, real abilities, and real values.”

Well, perhaps we all know people who could do with some help from these subtle qualities of Cistus…? Point them to our shop to download the autumn issue of Aromatika Magazine and read more supportive guidance from Cistus! Chances are, your friends (just as yourself) would enjoy many of the 17 wonderful articles wisely curated in our 116 colourful pages of this edition 2021. 8.3.1!

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