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Interview with Gabriel Mojay By Michelle Ensley

Where did you start your career? In London – I commenced a Shiatsu practice in 1984 and an Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Clinical Aromatherapy practice in 1988, where I also founded the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA) in 1990 and the Register of Qualified Aromatherapists (RQA) in the same year. The RQA merged with ISPA (founded by Shirley Price in 1991) to form IFPA in 2002.

What is your first memory about your first contact with essential oils? Although I didn't know it was Aromatherapy, when I was very young, from the age of six, my Mother would vapourize "Vic's VapoRub" (largely consisting of eucalyptus oil) by my bed whenever I couldn't go to school due to having a cold or 'flu. But as for essential oils as products, I was using Sandalwood essential oil as part of my Shiatsu sessions in 1984. I would use an essential oil burner to diffuse it during treatment sessions. Sandalwood is perfect for Shiatsu!

Who did you study with? After formally studying essential oils as part of my Western Herbal Medicine training, in 1987, I undertook a course in Scientific Aromatherapy with leading French experts Dr Daniel Pénoël MD and Pierre Franchomme (as did Robert Tisserand, Kurt Schanubelt and Michael Scholes), and later studied with Prof. Dietrich Wabner and Rhiannon Lewis.

Given the increasing number of research studies demonstrating the wide range of benefits of Aromatherapy, together with the positive developments in the professional sphere, I would hope to see the further integration of safe Aromatherapy practice in clinical environments globally as well as its greater alignment and integration with Herbal Medicine. To learn more about Gabriel Mojay, visit:

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