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Kew – The secret world of plants

Tanya Moulding (TIDHA, MIFPA) trained as a Clinical Aromatherapist and in Energy medicine. Her love of aromatics led her to further studies in natural perfumery. She has a particular passion for unusual ingredients and the historical, magical and esoteric use of plants, providing conceptual fragrance ideas and sensory learning activities for special events, museums and public spaces. In this article Tanya shares a genuinely fascinating project in which she created scent landscapes for Kew Gardens in England. With a festival theme 'The Secret World of Plants', the organisers focused on the various native and biodiverse landscapes of the UK under threat, namely Moorlands, Meadows, dunes and Woodland:

"I was asked to deliver an event that would help the public connect with these four primary landscapes in a fun and unique way, stimulating interest, awareness, and encouraging dialogue."

"During the eight days, with a lift of the lid and an inhale, people shared memories of holidays, homeland, childhood escapades, meaningful people and places, how the scents made them feel; nostalgic and comforted were common themes. Spontaneous discussions on nature, landscape and smell were instigated, with many visitors sharing their experience of post-covid smell loss."

"I think this (Woodland) was my favourite jar to create. There is a magical and mysterious quality to woodland. I wanted to capture that damp mossy note combined with soft earthy, woody quality. Among the many ingredients, I included Oakmoss, Patchouli, Blue hemlock and Clary sage with threads of ethereal Violet leaf."

The article guides you through this special olfactory project, from concepts to creation including macerating plants, using lava rocks and all sorts of intriguing components. More on Tanya Moulding is at her website

You will find the article in the autumn edition of Aromatika Magazine (2021. 8.3.1)

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