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Life is Sound

“We have used plants and herbs as food for health for centuries, believing that it is the nutrients and biochemistry that nourishes us physically. Our world has shifted as we can now take in their healing songs of vibration to support our whole being; mind, body and spirit.“

“We have all heard about that person that talks to the plants, but it may never have occurred to us that the plants were the ones trying to initiate conversation. This is what happened to me. One day, the flowers were so delighted that I had asked for their healing help with the making of a flower essence, they mentioned that they desired to be heard by more people. Enthusiastically, finding someone who would listen, the plants reminded me that they are co-creating with us.”

Evelyn Mulders from Sound Essence in Canada is a Healer and Teacher of Herbology and Energy Kinesiology, the author of the books The Essence of Sound, The Essence of Herbs, and the creator of Whispering Herbs Healing Cards. Read more and learn with Evelyn as she generously shares her knowledge and helps to understand how all the particles in nature and the universe are made up of musical structures, frequencies and patterns which our bodies recognize as healing information and etheric nourishment.

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