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Mango Myrtle - A New World-First (Fruity) Australian essential oil

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Truly exciting news for the aromatherapy and perfume world that a brand new essential oil is here to meet: Mango Myrtle which is Native to Australia and comes from its coastal rainforests! We so appreciate the passionate and tireless work of Greg Trevena who - as our long-time readers surely know - is a grower and distiller in Byron Bay, Australia and just recently, for the first time ever he and his team at Essentially Australia has made available their unique Mango Myrtle essential oil on the market!

Greg has been learning about Australia’s native (or indigenous) plants for 25 years, and his contribution to the aromatic world is tremendous. To Aromatika’s summer issue he has generously granted his report on how he finds new plants, the evaluation process, and basically the whole journey that has brought him to this lovely plant and consequently a new essential oil for us all. In Greg’s wonderful article we also deliver to you the amazing scent profile and medicinal properties of Mango Myrtle (Syzygium oleosum), with the plant's historical use, and the product development process for it to becoming an essential oil available worldwide.

Mango Myrtle is described to have a fruity mango aroma, with fresh, uplifting and citrus notes. If you are curious to learn more, get your copy of our extensively educative SUMMER issue of AROMATIKA Magazine (9.2.)!

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