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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

“Melissae were diviners and oracles who held so much power and respect that their advice was unwaveringly sought to inform political and warfare decisions. They honed their skills in the dream incubation sanctuaries of Asclepius. Many used their sexuality to channel back to the Earth to empower the harvest.”

In Aromatika's Aesthetics section, Elizabeth Ashley, a clinical aromatherapist from the UK, who is one of the world’s leading essential oil researchers, and the author of 20 essential oils manuals, unfolds her research on the Lemon balm. Her engaging writing reveals the story of the Melissae, the ancient Greek priestesses of Demeter. Full of personality and giggles, Elizabeth takes the knowledge of the plant right back to its earliest historical origins and then traces it through to the most contemporary research in the clinical labs.

“The Melissae started to haunt me. Who were these women? What did they believe in? What were they for? And what in the name of all that was good and pure, did they have to do with bees or lemon balm anyway. The promise of that wisdom was powerful.”

Extend your wings with Liz The Secret Healer and find out more about the fascinating world of the Melissae priestesses in the winter edition of AROMATIKA Magazine. Download per issue or yearly subscription plan is available via our shop.

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