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MERMAIDS IN PERFUME By Doreen DeSerres DuJardin

Divine Scent connects the Mind with the Spirit within our body. This Sacred connection is enhanced with Scent as awareness is evoked with an ethereal aromatic presence that the pure botanicals bring to us through the Cosmic Magic of Real Plant Parfums! The power of the plants guides the Mind with the molecular presence of pure aromatic substances, offering Passionate and Pleasurable Olfactory Sensory Sensual Delight!

The essence of sincerity is one of total naturalness. We all evoke a particular odour which emits a subtle scent. This scent evokes a vibration of the olfactory senses that release signals in the brain that trigger our emotions, actions and logic. It all depends on what we smell and our initial reaction to it. After the emotion is felt, we may follow our primal instinct and respond using intuitive scent instincts.

Creating from the Heart, being aligned with the Soul and being guided by the Spirit comes to me as a gift in the art of creation. For decades now, I have made parfums for myself, lovers, friends and, of course, clients. I have many as part of my product line, ones that I can reproduce and feel others will benefit from

It is swimming to the surface with sweetness and smoothness for the Soul as the Spirit feels the lovingly emotional intertwinement of many senses. This synergy is a variation containing Mysore Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang absolute, Ylang Ylang complete, Clary Sage, Patchouli, Wild Green Nepalese Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi), Damask Rose CO2 and Orris butter (Iris germanica).

Bringing security from the depths to the surface with the assurance of an inner life force flowing through all time and space. Delving deep within one's being, protected by the sphere of the self with sacred vibrational botanicals. This pure parfum potion contains Cypress (French), Lavender (French), Rose Geranium (Reunion Islands), Frankincense sacra, Clary Sage, Vetiver, Neroli an Blue Chamomile.

To learn more about Doreen Deserres DuJardin and her work, visit her website at

Read the full Article in the Perfume Special 2023 edition (10.3) E. available in the shop. 

Read the full Article in the Perfume Special 2023 edition (10.3) E. available in the shop.

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