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Smell and the Internet– exclusive perfumes elaborated at a distance By Miriam Rose Amarante

For some time now, we have been facing issues related to smell and the barrier of distance. We have clear memories related to television where there is a real difficulty between viewers and the hosts of cooking shows, for example. Smell has always been the big gap in the sensory perception of a kitchen in the distance. How often have we wondered what the aroma of that food just out of the oven would be like? In the "online age", the gap in olfactory perception has migrated to the internet. The number of aromatherapy and botanical perfumery online courses has, in the last few years, increased, just as the realization of synergies and perfumes without the client's presence, without a single olfactory test performed. This brings a peculiar responsibility to the Botanical Perfumer (and also to aromatherapists) who depend on their technical knowledge and sensitivity.

Is it possible to do a good job and come up with a personalized, individualized, unique perfume creation that is an experience which satisfies the customer without having previous contact with the aromatic materials used for the product? Is it possible to choose aromatic materials that the customer will love?

I believe that every Botanical Perfumer is a master of the senses because they choose to work with living aromas to create perfumes, have their soul intrinsically connected with Nature, with its charms and its mysteries and have as personal raw material, a sensitivity to capture beyond words the descriptions offered in a briefing of the client.

To learn more about Miriam Rose Amarante and her work, follow her on Instagram @plantas.que.falam

Read the full Article in the Perfume Special 2023 edition (10.3) E. available in the shop. 

Read the full Article in the Perfume Special 2023 edition (10.3) E. available in the shop.

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